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Video Examples

Here are examples of tennis videos taken using the QM-1 Portable Camera Support.   Mounting the camera from the inside or outside of the fence gives same view of court.  View at full screen setting if possible.  Naturally, your results will vary based on what camera you are using.


Women’s Doubles Finals at the Denver City Open.  Recorded with the Creative Labs Vado HD camcorder,  (no wide angle, just native lens), set up from outside the court.

Comparing viewing angles with and without the magnetic Wide Angle Lens in place on the Creative Labs VADO camera. Shows different settings on the viewing angle.

Using the QM-1 for stroke analysis by hanging it in the wire mesh.

The QM-1 works just as easy indoors.  Again, no lens attachment.  Lens attachment gives wider angle than shown here.

Mixed Doubles from recent tournament.  No lens attachment.