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Michal Ruder 

Hi again, Mike.
We wanted to write you a note to thank you for your excellent customer service. The QM-1 product is a great tool for serious junior tennis players. Both of our teenagers have really benefitted from its use. They record their matches and review them with their coach – they are learning a great deal about technique and strategy. The pole is easy to use and stands up to a lot of use (and abuse!). Your post-purchase support has been stellar…….”

I recommend your product wholeheartedly!

Thanks again,


James M. 

“Hi, Mike.  I received the QM-1 last Thursday.  USPS was awesome.  I have been using it at the works fantastic.  Have had several people ask me where they can get one and I have been sending more business your way.  Thanks.”

Patrick Williams, Univ. of Tennessee:
“The University of Tennessee uses your devices to great effect as they continue to produce champions. This one I have just purchased will be used on the professional tour with a former UT player. Thanks for your innovation.”

Email received from Gary S.  (Gary bought the Ultimate Coaches Package)

Wow. Great product. Video was outstanding. Used it for first time and was excellent! Can’t say I’d change anything and the little tick marks are just perfect. The tips worked great and 720/30 is spot on. Was able to get 4 DBLS matches with the cards supplied and external battery. So simple and the people that asked, I should have told them send in my name so I can start collecting royalties.


Here are some anonymous reviews:

  •  Awesome camera pole mount. Been using it with my GoPro.
  •  The camera mount was shipped expeditiously. It got delivered in two days. Excellent. I already used the mount twice this past weekend, and it did not disappoint. The set up was super easy. Once I set up the camera, it was leveled throughout the recording. Very happy with this product.
  •  Very fast shipping! Simple and easy! Thanks!


Rommel Cinco, California parent of 10 yr old junior:

Rommel Cinco Review

Rommel Cinco Review

First of all, I want to tell you how amazing your product is. It’s become an invaluable and central training tool that we use to grow and evolve my son’s tennis skills and abilities. At 10 years old, Spencer, my son, has the ability to consistently hit the ball wherever he wants off both sides in whatever manner he wants to do it (e.g. heavy topspin, flat, slice). However, there is a huge opportunity to teach him the strategies that should and will dictate where he hits the ball. We’ve been using the game footage from matches and practice to breakdown and analyze key points and discuss everything including shot selection, court positioning, and technique.
Since including the QM-1 into his training regimen, Spencer jumped more than twenty ranking spots in the boys’ 10-under open division in southern California moving him well into the top 100 of what is arguably one of the top two tennis regions in the world (the other being Florida). The huge strides he has made are mostly thanks to a greater understanding of the game, and now instead of blindly and randomly hitting the ball, it’s clear that he is increasingly trying to construct points. He is quickly evolving from a blunt instrument into a surgeon’s scalpel.


Kirk C.   

Also I want to commend you on the craftsmanship of the pole camera holder you sent me. I worked for 5 years as a machinist and can appreciate your design and effort producing this product.
Deborah Hurry, mother of Junior Tennis Player: (Dec. 2012) in an email dated 12-5-2012:  “Hello Mike,  It was a pleasure to talk with you this morning. We have been exceptionally pleased with the QM-1 portable camera mount.  We have told all our tennis friends about the QM-1 as well as those who have asked us at tournaments about the product. In fact, one of our friends just ordered the bundle.”
This the the text of a review by “Ultimate Tennis Equipment”.

The QM-1 has so many uses that it is almost too difficult to comment on each one of them. Off the bat, one might look at the device and think that it doesn’t warrant a price tag of $69. While at first this may appear to be a hefty sum, it ultimately isn’t. As it is compatible with any video camera, it could be seen as a cost effective solution. There is nothing else one needs to purchase to get the mount working, and it should interface with whatever equipment that one already has on hand.

Players might want to use the camera mount to study their own skills as well as the skills of an opponent. Of course, there are more creative approaches that people can take, such as creating a college recruitment video for tennis players. It might also be good for those in high school to film videos that can attract people to the tennis club, or be distributed online. Technical players will certainly appreciate the ability to keep a match record and find potential shortcomings.

Though it is light enough to be carried in anyone’s tennis bags, coaches especially will appreciate just how durable it is. The mount is quick to set up, and really rather secure once it is installed. There is a place for the unit at just about any court.

Rainy days no longer have to mean that coaches can’t review match play. Indeed, there has always been a lot of talk about how great coaches watch tape. Likewise, trainers can use the system to give their clients visual feedback.

Here’s a link to the website.  Ultimate Tennis  Equipment


Ben P., Assistant Director of Tennis at Methodist University, “The students really like the QM-1 a lot more than ____________ because it holds the camera a lot better and you can save the settings, also the price is a big plus too.”

Warren Pretorius, Dartfish North America :

“Every coach should carry a QM-1 and a camera in their tennis bag.”

Bill Danks., 4.0 senior player in Colorado (left this message on the phone)

Hey, Mike – it’s Bill Danks, and I just wanted to let you that know I’m a very satisfied customer. I’m really enjoying this. I’ve video’d a doubles match and also a lesson and it’s very informative to watch yourself play as you know. So thank you very much for helping me…

Parent:  “Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your product.  The clamp

is perfect.  It has just the right amount of “spring” tennsion to hold it

on the top of the fence.  This is so easy to use that I didn’t bother

reading the instructions.  The first day of use…I had a coach and 2

players ask me what it was!”

Thanks,  Tyler  Nov 20, 2010

Head Teaching Pro, East Coast Tennis Academy:  “Every thing is good. ….. it works great.  Thanks, Vince”

4.0 Player:  (Quote is from TennisWarehouse Forum ):  “Thanks Mike! QM-1 turns out to work really great. I got high quality match videos by using QM-1 and My Creative Vado HD. It’s less than $150 total investment!  By the way, I tried both Gorillapod SLR (GP3) and Gorillapod (GP1). Neither of them work well on Tennis Court. GP3’s leg is just too thick to fix onto the tennis Fence. GP1 is just too light and unstable when it’s fixed to a fence. There is too much Vibration when using GP1. ”

Father of  Tennis player in Florida:   “Wow this is so much better than other products I purchased, and it is half the price.  This is great, and more compact than the other product. I was hesitant to film actual matches with the other product because it was bulky and intimidating and might offend the opponent, or opponents parents. With this Qm-1 recorder I am not afraid to record an actual match.

Another Father of junior player:   “My son A_____ is a strong junior 12 year old player and we’ve just started using the set-up for taping his matches.  The idea being that seeing what he did as far as technique, footwork, shot selection, etc. vs just telling him after the fact will be a much better learning experience.   Also, I like the idea of having match stats on him but it’s difficult to chart during a match.  I’m now able to complile the stats after the fact and obviously having accurate match statistics will prove valuable over time.  The QM-1 is easy to use and seems very well made.”

Colorado  Head Pro:   “I have used it for  lessons…. It gives me a great angle and view of the court. ”

Denver 4.5 Player:   “Wow, that is really cool!”

International Tennis Academy (via an email to order more) :  “Hi, Mike.  Rafael [note:  no not Nadal!]  loved your product and wants to buy two more.  He’s taking them to Spain to leave with a coach who will be shooting matches for use with our Match Analysis Service.”

Florida Tennis Pro:  “I love my QM-1 and use it all the time”

Heinrich ____ wrote:

Awesome works well you will receive a few orders going forward for sure.

Tested and showed some of my tournament kid parents they will be in touch with

you I know of two so far with more to follow….”

About Video in General:

Here’s Rita Price, winner of 8 Gold balls (National Championships), 18 Silver balls (finalist in National Championship) and 18 Bronze balls (third place in National Championship), on the benefits of video analysis:

Joe Dinoffer, USPTA Master Professional tennis instructor, wrote this about video:

“You see, it’s one thing to use video replay for instructional purposes, but most tennis teachers miss the major benefit. Namely, that most people are not aware of what they look like and therefore do not really believe what instructors tell them in lessons. This reality can make teaching very frustrating for coaches and improvement very slow for students.”

Got this email reply from Warren Pretorius of Dartfish America when I asked him for tips on traveling to South Aftrica:

Hi Mike:

I just got back a few days ago from doing match analytics at the SA Junior Nationals – we had 8 of the courts set up with QM-1’s 🙂  [note:  Warren now sets up as many as 50 at a time!!]



Todd Johnson, June 2013

“To answer the other questions from your auto-response:

How I found out: I was aware of your competition, and have been for several years…in fact, I should have made this purchase a few years back when my kids were younger. I became aware of the QM-1 through references on the Tennis Warehouse forums and then doing follow-up on the web. Glad I found you. I like your product and your price better. My son has played #1 for a very good NAIA college team the past two years, and will be a junior this year. Between a very good freshman coming in this next season, ITA summer circuit, and his desire to win ITAs in the Fall he’s trying to up his game and conditioning this summer. I just purchased a good, used Silent Partner ball machine, and the intent is that he will use the ball machine and the QM-1/camera every day for a few hours to both practice and analyze his strokes. I’m also encouraging him to video his practice matches this summer, as obviously that will provide feedback on his shot selection and court positioning.

I plan on using it for myself as well. I’m a 4.0, 51, played HS and some college, and participate in annual USTA League play. I’m out about once a week in the winter (mainly doubs, and can be 3.5 hours at a time), and in the summer I hit with my son several nights a week, with some singles and doubs on the weekends. Over the years the paid lessons have all gone towards my kids, so the QM-1 will be my way of hopefully improving my own game a bit! I’ve just expanded my personal stringing into a small business for our tennis community, so there may be some good opportunities for me to promote your product…especially as people see me with it.”

Here is a review of a competitors product (hint, it uses a mirror and cannot be hung from outside of the court) from Amazon

“Flimsy design and difficult/impossible to set up the camera from outside the court. if you want to record your kid’s tennis matches, then buy the cheaper camera mount from my tennis tools (or something like that) that sells for about $69 (which is half the price of this mount!). The other one [the QM–1] is much more sturdier than this one, works better, and can be used from outside the court.  I bought this[competitor’s product] because this mount allows you to “see” what the camera is recording. However, you don’t really need to see the actual video because once you figure out the angle for the mount, you don’t need to change it ever again.”