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The Camera Mount

Welcome to the World of Tennis Video Analysis!

Hitting a two-handed forehand

Observe technique, footwork, strategy, etc.

A quick, easy and fun way to improve your tennis game!

Learn tennis quicker using the QM-1 Portable Camera Mount.  It is now  EASY, FAST AND SIMPLE  to film your tennis match and  take advantage of one of the most powerful instructional tools for tennis – video analysis.
Be a more effective coach.  Just watching the video can be all that is necessary to accelerate learning.   Maximize learning potential, win more matches, have more fun!  Perfect for junior tennis players, parents and coaches.


No assembly, no  mirrors and rods, and no “guess and check”.
Just a simple, no-hassle mount that works.

The Buzz

Tennis Coach “If you are not using video analysis on a regular basis as a player and/or as a coach then you are missing out on a whole new world that will for sure take your game and/or coaching to a completely new level.With the QM-1, it’s extremely easy, we can set it up and pull it down in a matter of seconds.”– Ben P. with the Virtual Tennis Academy

The patented QM-1 Portable  Camera Mount culminates five years of development, resulting in a mount that:


  • Eliminates guesswork – patented design assures correct angle for filming!
  • Affords a unique view of  the entire court, works with any camera from either side of the fence!
  • Mounts in less than 30 seconds from outside OR inside the court
  • Is affordable and light weight.  Puts your GoPro high on top of the fence.
  • Stores easily in your tennis bag and sets up fast!
  • Is guaranteed with a one-year “No Questions Asked”  return policy!

The Buzz

“Toni and I watch a lot of tennis videos, especially of my games, both ones that I’ve won and the ones that I’ve lost” – Rafael Nadal

close-up-of-setting-the-bracket-angle-with-arrowsWhy do tennis players and coaches around the world prefer the QM-1 Portable Camera Mount?  Just a few reasons:


  • Use on any tennis court with a fence.
  • The QM-1   is  rugged, lightweight and easy to carry with you (we got 23 into one tennis bag!).    It’s  affordable and sets up anytime, anywhere, from inside OR outside the court.
  • It allows observation of strokes under game conditions when it counts, not just while a coach is hand-feeding.
  • Allows a tennis player to see for themselves what’s obvious to everyone else.   Accelerates the instructional process.
  • Analyze an opponent’s game to be better prepared next time.  Keep an archive of tennis videos so you’re always prepared.
  • Chart or study a match at your convenience – great for rainy days or rest days.
  • Review a match with your doubles partner – great starting point for discussion!
  • There’s no limit to other uses.  Make a college recruiting video, scout opponents while you are off playing a match (get permission first!), and amongst other things, sometimes it’s just darn fun to go back and watch a match.

The Buzz

“Every coach should carry a QM-1 and a camera in their tennis bag.” – Warren Pretorius, Dartfish North America

What makes the QM-1 different from other camera mounts?


  • Sits on TOP of the fence for the best view (unlike some mounts that hang way below).
  • Want to go higher?  Only the QM-1 has the optional ProView Extender that goes as high  as you want!
  • No ladder required (on fences up to 14′ high! )
  • No assembly required.  Spend less time setting up, more time playing.
  • Mounts from  inside  OR  outside the court.  Perfect for coaches and parents to mount from behind, out of sight.
  • It’s pre-marked  so you know where to set the camera angle for any standard court.  Eliminates guesswork!
  • Stores easily in your tennis bag, weighs just over a pound total!
  • Durably constructed in the USA to last years.
  • Compatible with any video camera including any model of GoPro.  Or use your iPhone or Smartphone with an inexpensive screw mount adapter.

The Buzz

”Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with your product.  The clamp is perfect.  It has just the right amount of “spring” tension to hold it on the top of the fence.  This is so easy to use that I didn’t bother reading the instructions. “   –  A Parent

Using video eliminates the need to explain – and eliminates frustration.

Video is the most effective and efficient way to communicate. You, or your student, might think you are taking your racquet back, and  might think you are moving your feet, and  might think you know what the possible  shots are….

Quite often  just seeing the video is enough – you don’ t have to say anything more


How much is this amazing tool?  Only 




Why isn’t it more expensive? Here’s the honest reason. We’re engineers and tennis players, not marketers.  A marketer would have marked it up to $129 and then offered free shipping, bonuses, gifts and other incentives.   Maybe we should have, but instead we just priced it as low as we could.  When we offer the occasional  special, the cost isn’t hidden in a high price, it comes out of our hides!  It’s kind of like no-haggle car buying.


Order Now

We think the QM-1 will be the best tool in your tennis arsenal. Try it out for a full year.  If you don’t find it to be so, return it for a full refund.  No questions asked.


With the QM-1 You’ll

  • Learn how to use powerful video analysis to improve all aspects of your game
  • Win more matches by playing smarter
  • Get a camera mount designed by tennis players for tennis players
  • Fits any chain link fence
  • Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee