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Tennis Analytics:

If you are serious about your tennis, you should definitely consider  Tennis Analytics.  Just upload your video to their site and they break down the video into discrete points and then tag them and describe them.  AND tabulate the percentages.  25 different categories of shot.  Serves, forehands, backhands, volleys, errors, winners, etc.  If you are not measuring, how do you know if you are improving?




  • I’ve known Jeff for years (he’s a Colorado native) and he teaches not too far from my home. His lessons are insightful and I highly recommend you at least get on his email list for free tips. I’ve learned more from Jeff than from any other teaching pro in Colorado.  A former top 100 ATP touring pro, he gets right down to the nitty gritty.   Whether you’re a junior just starting out with big hopes, or a senior player like myself, give his site a visit!




  • For junior tennis players and their parents, this is a GREAT blog with a LOT of good, practical  information related to junior tennis.  Click Here for the JUNIOR TENNIS BLOG





This is my “Partners” page.  I may or may not earn a commission from these links, but you may rest assured that my goal is primarily to look out for my customers.  I would never refer you to someone I didn’t know firsthand and trust.