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  • QM-1 Portable Camera Mount – $79.00QM-1 product image

    QM-1 Portable Camera Mount. The patented QM-1 Portable Camera Mount makes it easy and fun to film yourself (or anyone else) playing tennis! Adjustable camera bracket eliminates  guesswork. Tennis courts are built to standard dimensions.  The correct angle is already marked on the QM-1 so you don’t have to guess (but it’s adjustable for custom situations) The same

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  • The Muvi K-1 Wireless Camera Bundle – Only 1 Left!!

    Here in one package is all you’ll ever need to make great tennis videos.   Record your matches for all kinds of reasons – strategy analysis, technical analysis, saving lessons, and even just plain fun!   Get the original K-1 Full HD Wireless ActionCam, the QM-1 Portable Camera Mount, and a 32 gb sd card all

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  • The K2 “Sport” Bundle – QM-1 Mount, K-2 Camera and SD Card – All You Ever Need

    The best selling tennis camera out there, it can’t get any easier to obtain professional quality videos of all your tennis matches. The bundle includes the following: QM-1 “Quick Mount” Portable Camera Support Veho MUVI VC-006 K-2  “Sport” Wi-Fi Enabled Camcorder with included accessories and carrying case. 32 GB SD Card, Class 10 allows you

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