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  • Tripod Adapter for GoPro Cameras (Sessions and Heros)

    The QM-1 Camera Mount works with any GoPro (Session, Hero 5, 4, 3 etc.)  Super easy to use.  If you have a GoPro,  you’ll need this adapter to go between the QM-1  and the GoPro.  GoPro does not provide a screw mount attachment for any tripod.  Buy the adapter as an “add-on” with your QM-1 for only $5.99

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  • Arkon MG21420 Smartphone Adapter – Fits Phones Up to 3 3/8″ Wide

    Arkon Model MG21420 Use your  smartphone to video a match, or even just a few points!    Newer smartphones have excellent video capabilities and the Arkon Mobile Grip Adapter for tripods and camera stands lets you use your smartphone camera with any tripod, and with the QM-1 Portable Camera Mount FITS ANY SMARTPHONE from 2.17″ to

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  • QM-1 ProView Extender – $34.95

    By itself, the QM-1 puts you on top of the fence, but add an additional 2′ of height to your standard QM-1 Camera Mount, with the ProView Extender.   A great way to further extend the versatility of the QM-1 Camera Mount and give you the professional results you want. Also an ideal solution for

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