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The Next Step to Improvement – Analytics


Now that you’ve purchased your QM-1 Portable Camera Mount, you’re ready for some more serious analysis!  Not that you can’t learn a lot on your own, but over time, the statistics you can compile from using Tennis Analytics are golden.  As they say, if you don’t measure it, you can tell when it changes.

Here’s an example of the screen you get when you open an account with Tennis Analytics and upload a match video.


A player’s true strength and weaknesses only become evident during matchplay.
Research show that players do not always do what they think they are doing incompetition,  and that coaches are less than 45% correct in their post-match assessment as to why a match is won or lost.Match Analytics service provides players and coaches with objective data.  The match is  filmed and charted analyzing Key Performance Indicators.  These highlights are uploaded  to a private collection online, allowing players/coaches to search important events.  These tendencies help to objectively determine what needs to be improved in practice.

Each charted match includes a Match Report with all statistics and key performance indicators.  This report can be used to easily identify the important match-defining areas that need to be viewed.  Using the online search parameters, it is very easy to watch just those moments online.


Team Packages are ideal for collegiate teams and academies, offering more detailed analysis along with tracking player and team season averages.  An online Team Collection allows coaches to view all player’s matches in one location.


Player Packages are more suited to the individual player, offering all of the essential match statistics along with indexed video.

Simple Match Editing is available as a service to extract dead time and provide a client with pure “ball-in-play” footage.  No analytics, reports or search parameters are included.

Match Report:
– Overall match stats
– Serve stats and Placement

– Return stats and Placement
– Serve +1 stats, Placement *
– Return +1 stats, Placement *
– Winners and Placement
– Errors

– Shot Tolerance
– Differential

– Total Points Won/Lost
– Season Averages
(* Only available with Team Packages)

Online Search Parameters:
(View in isolation, or cross-search multiple keywords)
– Score
– Serve           

– Serve Placement *
– Return    

 – Return Placement *
– Serve +1 % and Placement *
– Return +1 % and Placement *
– Aces
– Double Faults
– Winners
– Errors
– Ending Shot Placement *
– Deuce / Ad Court
Go to the page at Tennis Analytics for more information and to begin using this extraordinary tool.