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About Mike Lammens, Inventor of the QM-1

Hi, my name is Mike Lammens and I’m the inventor and developer of the QM-1 Camera Mount. If you are interested in how and why the QM-1 came to be, read on.

By way of a short background, I’ve played organized sports (baseball and football) from the time I was eight years old. I didn’t start playing tennis though until the age of 15 in Southern California, where I made No. 1 Singles my senior year at South Gate High School. And then I quit playing for 25 years!

Taking the game back up with a passion at the age of 43, in seven years I was the year-end No. 1 ranked 4.5 men’s singles player in Colorado. I felt I was ready for the age groups! But, I was way behind the guys my age  who had never stopped. How was I ever going to catch up? I quickly learned that just technical work wasn’t going to do it. “Pretty” strokes weren’t going to beat these guys.  I had to play smarter in order to get the results I wanted. And it didn’t take long to gravitate to filming my matches and practices to see how I could improve.

There being nothing available on the open market, I at first made up mounts from Home Depot parts. 2×2’s along with some duct tape, a tripod and some miscellaneous parts. But it was cumbersome and likely to fall apart! As it turned out, I came up with an even better design!  

I wanted something that was easy to set up, easy to carry, reliable and rugged so I didn’t have to worry about breaking it. I spent forever looking for such a product on the market… no avail.

Hence, with lots of head-scratching and the help of some clever friends, the QM-1 was born.  And getting it out there to my tennis friends has turned into almost a full-time job. Low paying, that’s for sure, but I get to rub elbows with some of the nicest people in the world, and hang out at (and travel to) tennis tournaments around the country and around the world.

Could it get any better??

PS  In 2003 I quit my day job and started a tennis teaching career, becoming USPTA certified later that year.  How better to learn than to teach?

In 2005 my partner and I attained a No. 6 year end National ranking in Men’s 55 Doubles, and I have a few No. 1 year end State rankings in my age group and in 4.5 singles, doubles and mxd doubles.   In 2015 I was selected  as USTA’s Senior Player of the Year for Colorado.